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7 Great Continuing Education Resources for Soccer Coaches

7 Great Continuing Education Resources for Soccer Coaches

As a soccer coach or organizer of a soccer camp, of course the focus is mainly on helping athletes improve their skills and techniques on the field. However, with the continual evolution of knowledge, tactics, and approaches, it is imperative that coaches actively seek to stay connected to the current approaches to the sport. After all, evaluation and feedback is only as effective as those doing the evaluating and communicating! In this blog post, we will explore a few channels to help you stay on top of your soccer coaching ‘game’ so that you can continue to help your players achieve their full potential.

  1. United Soccer Coaches ( – This is one of the largest coaching organizations in the world, providing a range of coaching education programs, resources, and networking opportunities for coaches at all levels.
  2. The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) – This association offers a range of coaching courses, including online and in-person options, as well as access to a range of coaching resources, including articles, videos, and coaching manuals.
  3. The FA Learning ( The Football Association (FA) provides a range of coaching courses, from basic introductory courses to more advanced programs for experienced coaches. They also offer online resources, including videos, articles, and coaching tools.
  4. UEFA Coach Education Program ( This program offers a range of courses for coaches at all levels, from grassroots to elite level. It includes theoretical and practical components and provides opportunities for coaches to network and learn from each other.
  5. FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine ( This is a unique program that focuses on the medical aspects of soccer, including injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It is ideal for coaches who want to learn more about the physical and medical aspects of the sport.
  6. Online courses – There are many online courses available for soccer coaches, including options from Udemy, Coursera, and other online learning platforms. These courses cover a range of topics, from coaching strategies to technical skills development.
  7. Coaching clinics and conferences – Attending coaching clinics and conferences is a great way to network with other coaches and learn from industry experts. Many of these events are offered by coaching associations and organizations, such as United Soccer Coaches and NSCAA.

This obviously is not an exhaustive list and there are many other resources available, but we at NetCamps feel strongly about this topic and hope that this at least helps support your thought process as you decide your own preferred approach to staying current.

We’ll see you on the pitch for your next camp!