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Ignite the Lacrosse Spirit: A Guide to a Successful Camp

Ignite the Lacrosse Spirit: A Guide to a Successful Camp

Lacrosse is a thrilling and dynamic sport that continues to captivate athletes of all ages. Hosting a lacrosse camp offers a fantastic opportunity to develop players’ skills, foster teamwork, and ignite their passion for the game. If you’re looking to organize a memorable lacrosse camp, this article will guide you through the essential elements and considerations for running a successful event.

Define Your Objectives and Target Audience

Start by establishing clear objectives that determine whether you aim to improve specific skills, promote teamwork, instill sportsmanship, or provide a comprehensive lacrosse experience. Clearly defining your goals will shape the structure, curriculum, and overall focus of the camp, so it’s critical to get this right upfront. Similarly, identifying the age group, skill level, and experience of the participants you want to cater to will help you tailor the coaching, drills, and activities to the appropriate skill level in order to achieve your objectives.

Create a Well-Structured Curriculum and Assemble a Competent Coaching Staff

With the objectives and audience defined, develop a curriculum that covers the aspects of lacrosse that are relevant. These could include varying degrees of stick skills, shooting, passing, ground balls, defense, and game strategy. Plan a variety of drills, exercises, and scrimmages that progressively challenge participants while catering to their skill levels. Then recruit a team of knowledgeable and experienced lacrosse coaches who can teach and inspire camp participants. Coaches should possess strong communication skills, expertise in player development, and the ability to create a positive and inclusive environment. And they may also have valuable input for the curriculum, so it may be wise to leave room for curriculum changes based on their feedback/ideas.

Secure a Suitable Venue

Choose a location/facility that meets the requirements of your lacrosse camp and agenda. Consider factors such as proximity and accessibility for participants, field size, availability of equipment, locker room facilities, and amenities like water and shade. Ensure the safety and comfort of the participants throughout the camp.

Implement Safety Measures

Prioritize player safety by establishing and enforcing safety protocols, including warm-up and cool-down routines, proper use of protective gear, hydration breaks, and injury prevention strategies. Have a qualified medical professional or athletic trainer on-site to handle any potential injuries or emergencies.

Foster Sportsmanship, Teamwork and a Side of Inspiration

Promote the values of sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork throughout the camp. Design activities that encourage collaboration, communication, and mutual respect among participants, emphasizing the importance of both individual improvement and collective success. Incorporate motivational talks, inspirational stories, and guest appearances from accomplished lacrosse athletes or coaches that highlight the dedication and hard work required to excel in the sport. This can inspire participants and fuel their passion for the sport.

Engage Parents

Maintain open lines of communication with parents or guardians, providing them with camp details, schedules, and progress updates. Create opportunities for parents to observe the camp sessions and witness the growth and development of their children. This also will allow them to understand how the camp is being conducted so they can provide a post-camp evaluation. Reflecting on this feedback will enable you to refine the camp’s structure and content.

A Word of Warning about Administration

Be mindful that there is a fair amount of ‘administrative’ work that comes with running a camp. Tasks like promoting the camp, collecting registrations and payments, communicating with registrants, handling liability waivers, etc. Most of it is critical, but doesn’t necessarily add value to the camp itself. The more you can streamline these tasks, the more time available for planning and executing the camp! Using simple, commitment free software like NetCamps will allow automating many of these tasks without significant cost. For instance, NetCamps will allow setting up emails to registrants at specific timeframes e.g. 14 days prior to camp. You simply set them up and the system will automatically send them for you. NetCamps will also allow registrants to pay via credit card so you don’t need to handle cash or checks. It is definitely worthwhile to consider utilizing a service like NetCamps.


Running a lacrosse camp allows you to contribute to the development and passion of young athletes in the sport. By executing a well-structured camp, you can provide participants an environment to learn, grow, and embrace the spirit of lacrosse. Remember, the ultimate goal is to ignite a lifelong love for the sport while helping players enhance their skills!