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Liability Forms and Waivers Templates

Like it or not, liability forms and waivers are a part of running any camp. And while we’re not all fluent in legalease, we need to have each and every participant (or their parent or guardian) sign one before they can participate.

Most schools or leagues will already have their standard form that you can use. But if you need to start from scratch, we’ve scoured our sources to find you some good options to use.

Release of Liability

There are many different names for the same basic thing. Liability Release. Liability Waiver. Activity Waiver. Release of Liability. They all mean basically the same thing: the participant is releasing you and your camp from any and all liability resulting from being a participant.

Now, it doesn’t exactly release you from every single possible liability, but it does a really good job of covering typical incidents. There is one area that the camp will need to keep in mind – negligence. As long as you do a reasonable job keeping things safe and in proper working order, you are covered.

Whatever form you choose to have your participants (or their parent or guardian) sign, you are consistent in having every single participant sign. And keeping them all together and accessible has been a pain. But with NetCamps, you have them all in one place, and accessible at any time and any place. One less thing to worry about when running your next camp.

Liability Forms