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Market Your Camp With Email

Market Your Camp With Email

If you’ve run camps year after year, you probably already know that sending past camp participants an invitation to your newest camp is a great way to get signups. Chances are, past camp participants are interested in your current camp, or know someone who might be. And email is a great way to stay connected without spending a lot of money in advertising or mailers.

We think it’s so valuable that we’ve made it easy for you to invite past camp participants to your new camp on NetCamps.

Just log in to your NetCamps account, and click Edit next to your active camp.

Then, click Promote (#6) on the timeline above.

From there, you have the ability to invite campers from past camps.

Choose any or all of the past camps you’ve run through NetCamps to send an email to. There will be a standard invitation to the newest active camp you’ve created, or you can write your own email in the message section. Then just click Send, and our system will automatically send out that email invitation with a link to your current camp registration page. It’s just that easy!

Marketing your camp can be difficult. But email is an easy way to stay connected.

Have you downloaded our ebook “50 Ways to Promote Your Camp” yet? If you’re stuck in a rut, and need some new ideas on how to market your camp, we’d love for you to check it out!

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