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Online Legal and Liability Forms

Online Legal and Liability Forms

Did you know that checking an “I agree” box is legally equivalent to a wet signature? It’s true! Thanks to the Electronic Signatures Act of 2000. So, whenever you click “I agree” on Amazon’s or the iTunes million page long user agreement, you’re actually signing a legally binding contract.

So, what does this have to do with running a camp? In short, it makes things awesome and much easier for us coaches because we can now host our legal docs online.

Using NetCamps, you can add as many legal forms and waivers as you want to the participant’s signup process. Participants must agree to your waivers before they can signup for your camp. That way, you can be confident that everyone who has registered online has agreed to your legal policies.

This is huge! Thanks to NetCamps, gone are the days of worrying and scrambling around to find the paperwork if a player gets hurt at one of your camps. You can rest easy knowing that, if the participant is in the system, they agreed to your waivers.