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Registration Form Templates

Looking for sample registration forms, online signup sheets, and templates? We've assembled a directory of great example forms that you can adapt to your own needs.

Finding Registration Forms and Templates

Let’s face it. Manually registering camp or activity participants can be a real hassle. So starting with the right registration forms and related tools can help.

The easiest option, of course, is online registration. But if you really, really want to manually manage your registration forms, we’ve hunted down a host of resources to help.

But first, let’s review some tips to make sure your registration form — whether for sports camps or summer camp registration — include everything you need.

Collect Everything You Need, But Nothing That You Don’t.

Think through all the pieces of information you need to collect to properly register your participants. Are you offering t-shirts? Get sizes. Will you be dividing kids by skill? Request details on their experience. And make sure you include and collect the basics:

• Name of participant
• Name of parent or guardian
• Liability waiver language — and a print or digital signature
• Allergy and medical information
• Emergency contact information

Provide a Place for Questions.

You’re already collecting participant details, why not collect questions, too. That way most questions will be collected via one system (your registration system) instead of spread through email and phone calls.


Excel spreadsheet of camp registration

When Possible, Collect the Data Digitally.

Online systems are probably best. But even if you’re not ready for that, transferring your registration template information into an Excel spreadsheet or other system will make it easier to use and track in the future.

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WuFoo Football camp registration Form

FormStack Registration Form