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Simplify Camp Management

Simplify Camp Management

No hassles or downloads. Just simplification.

NetCamps recently added several new straightforward tools to go along with promotion, registration, and payment processing – all with the end goal of making running a camp/event easier so that you can spend more time coaching, less time managing.

Don’t run camps all year round? With NetCamps there’s no more searching through emails and trying to remember what you did last time. Your prior camp information, participant lists, financial reports, photos, etc will always be in your account so that setting up your next camp is a breeze! Even copy a prior event with a mouseclick!

Below we highlight 4 recently added features under NetCamps PLUS:

  • Make Assignments, to manage groups/teams directly in NetCamps
  • Upload Email Addresses, to allow you to promote upcoming camps
  • Receive Registration Reports, more easily monitor participant counts
  • White Label, remove NetCamps branding to help you build your own brand
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Make Assignments

Need to split participants into teams?
Group them by position?
Assign them to dorms or coaches?
Now you can make these kinds of assignments directly in your NetCamps dashboard! First you’ll create the group/etc names by clicking the ‘Assignments’ icon at the top of the Participant List – you can name the groups anything you wish. Then you will be able to select from the group names you created directly in the Participant List.
With this new feature, the entire ‘check-in’ process can now be completed from a mobile device or laptop – simply click the ‘Check In’ button next to a participant name and then inform them of their assignment.
(illustrative example shown above)

Upload Email Addresses

Do you currently coach a team that might be interested in your upcoming camp/event?
Now you have the ability to upload (either copy/paste or CSV file) a list of email addresses that can be included in the notification at the last step of camp setup.




Receive Registration Reports

Elect to receive emailed reports/notifications to keep you up to date on the status of registrations and/or any new user forum posts awaiting a response (if you have this feature enabled).



White Label

If you are working on building your own brand, we understand that you may prefer not to have a second brand/logo included on your materials. On the other hand, some may like having the NetCamps branding visible. So we decided to give you the option to keep or remove NetCamps branding from camp pages/forms/emails and your organization page. See the image above for where this option is located.