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Unveiling NetCamps PLUS! More Features to Help Run Your Camp

Unveiling NetCamps PLUS! More Features to Help Run Your Camp

In camp and event management, we understand there are a seemingly infinite number of tasks to stay on top of. And our mission has always been to make doing that easier, but lately we’ve been thinking about things a little differently. We wanted to figure out a way to help you not only ‘complete’ tasks, but complete them in a way that adds value! That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of NetCamps PLUS, a revolutionary addition to NetCamps. NetCamps PLUS brings you a set of features that is designed to help you bring more value to your attendees. Let’s delve into what makes it so awesome.

  1. Automated Surveys: upon setting up your camp/event, you will be asked about sending email communications to your participants leading up to the day of event. At this step, you will also be asked if you would like to conduct an anonymous survey of your participants – and how many days after camp you would like the survey to be sent. The survey is a simple 3 question survey: on a scale of 1-10 how was your camp experience, on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend the camp, and do you have any suggestions. All replies are anonymous and a summary of the data can be found in your dashboard (under Actions next to the camp pertaining to the survey).
  2. Whitelabel: we understand that in some cases having the NetCamps name/brand visible to your registrants can be confusing. So we are giving you the ability to remove all NetCamps branding from your camp website, your account homepage, and all system emails. On the very first step of the camp setup process (near where you add a logo) you will see an option to remove NetCamps branding. You will see a similar checkbox when you go to the Manage Homepage section from your dashboard.
  3. Content Page and User Forum: NetCamps PLUS subscribers have an ability to use their account level homepage as exactly that! You can now add content, change the background coloring/image, and upload a logo. Further, and perhaps most exciting, you have an option to add a public User Forum to this page. A User Forum is a feature where participants can post questions or comments for others to reply or react to; it is a way to engage with your participants (or interested parties). Don’t worry: your active camps will still be listed on your account page – we are just enhancing it to make it more useful for you. All of these features are accessible to PLUS subscribers from the ‘account level homepage’ link in the dashboard.
  4. Upload Images and Tag/Share: another exciting feature for PLUS subscribers to engage with their customers is the Photo Sharing add-on. Found in the dashboard, under Actions next to each camp/event, PLUS subscribers can create up to 10 image galleries (each can contain up to 20 images) to share images from the event! And even better, when an image is uploaded the admin has the ability to tag a participant from the registrants list – tagging a user will result in an email notification being sent to the participant with a link so they can view the image.
  5. Make Assignments: we heard from several camp operators that it would be very helpful to be able to manage the participants list directly in NetCamps. In other words, be able to assign participants to specific dormitories, coaches, teams, etc. So, we made it happen! PLUS users now have the ability to do this from the Participants List for a given camp. Simply click the ‘Manage Participant Groups’ icon to add any group names, and then you’ll be able to add participants to those groups from the Participants List itself.
  6. Conduct Skill Assessments: want to provide feedback to your participants on a more personal level? Now you can! In NetCamps PLUS, you have the ability to do just that using a standard but customizable assessment form. Accessible from the participants list for a given camp/event, click the Assessments icon. From here, you can add a list of skills/abilities that you would like to assess each participant on, using a 3-tiered rating system (Developing > Proficient > Strength). You can even change the rating names if you’d like. Then go back to the Participant list to complete the assessments, adding commentary as you wish. Then you can choose to email the assessments or print a hard copy to deliver.
  7. Receive Email Notifications: Tired of checking your dashboard to see how many new registrations you’ve received? No problem! PLUS subscribers can choose to receive an email whenever a registration is received and/or a summary of registrations at the end of each day! Access this option from ‘Manage Profile’ in your dashboard.
  8. Upload Promotional Email Lists: PLUS users have the ability to upload a list of emails when setting up a new camp/event by either copy/paste or uploading a CSV file. In doing so, PLUS users can notify those who they feel would like to know about their upcoming camp/event if they have not registered for a NetCamps event previously.

We hope you’ll see from the above list that NetCamps PLUS is not just an upgrade; it’s a total shift into providing meaningful tools to help provide additional value to your registrants. With these features, NetCamps PLUS is designed to empower camp and event administrators in a different way. And we tried to keep the cost reasonable – the cost is only $15 per month or $120 per year. So subscribe to NetCamps PLUS today to take advantage of this deal!