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Using the Visual Editor and Selecting Fee Options

Here are 2 videos showing a couple of key features of NetCamps: how to manage fees, and how to create a nice webpage for your camp.

Using the Visual Editor and Selecting Fee Options

Passing along Registrant fees is one approach to managing the economics of your camp with NetCamps. If you choose this option, the processing fees associated with NetCamps and Stripe will be charged to your Registrant as a separate line item. So the price they pay at the time of registration will be the price of your camp + the processing fees. Watch this video to see how to select this option.

One of the advantages of NetCamps is the flexibility that our easy to use editor gives you when creating a webpage for your camp. You have total control, should you want it, over fonts, colors, and can even embed images/videos. To be sure, you don’t need to do this – we have pre-selected a basic font for you if you don’t want anything fancy, and you can simply use text on your page. But the option is there if you want it. Watch this video to see some of the features of the editor.

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